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Wheat For Human Consumption

Wheat for Human Consumption

Wheat For Human Consumption

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Wheat (grain of any cereal grass of the genus Triticum,  especially Aestivum) is one of the first cereals known to have been domesticated, and wheat's ability to self-pollinate greatly facilitated the selection of many distinct domesticated varieties. Wheat is the most important staple food for humans. Its used in the form of flour for making bread, cakes, etc., and for other culinary and nutritional purposes.

Types of Wheats are:

  • Sharbati
  • Durum 
  • Hard Red Spring 
  • Hard Red Winter 
  • Soft Red Winter 
  • Soft White Winter
  • Mixed wheat

There are so many local names for diffferent types of wheat varieties. To know more, please send us inquiry at sales@kabraimportexport.com /or/ use site feature to connect to us.



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