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Beet Sugar

Beet Sugar

Beet Sugar

Code : S002

Beet sugar is made from sugar beets. Sugar beet is a conical, white, fleshy root with a flat crown. The plant consists of the sugar beet root and a rosette of leaves. Sugar is formed through a process of photosynthesis in the leaves, and it is then stored in the root. It is considered the most healthiest sugar.

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ICUMSA                                     :     45 - 100 RBU

Polarization                             :     99.80% Min

Ash content                             :     0.04% Max

Moisture                                  :     0.04% Max

Solubility                                 :     100% Dry & Free Flowing

Radiation                                :     Normal without presence of caesium or iodine

Colour                                     :     Sparkling White Crystal

Granulation                             :     Fine to Medium

Reducing Sugar                      :     0.05% Max by weight

We are working with mandate companies of Beet Sugar manufacturer/refineries.

We cater for small/medium as well as large corporation for their Sugar demands.
Our rates are highly competitive. 
Please speak to our sales team to provide you the best quotation as per the current rate with discounts.



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